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2 min readFeb 2, 2021


Pitching a solid Business model pays off

TradingBull’s team is proud to announce that we have been featured as top contender of ReaktorX pitching competition (demoday) yesterday night.

ReaktorX pitching competition results

We have pitched TradingBull in front of 150 investors and a jury of mentors and professionals that have granted us the second spot out of 17 startups that have been participating in the 3 months program.

The idea of creating a Financial Terminal specialized in Digital Assets is not new, there has even been a couple attempts in the past.

But several factors grant a competitive advantage to TradingBull, in addition of the high growth / rapid diversification of the market itself and the “last mover advantage”:

  • Positioning: TradingBull intends to be a high-end product combining CEX/DEX trading, Portfolio management, liquidity aggregation, specialized data and its analytics in real time, Trading Bots, DeFi solutions, accounting… A single & inclusive place gathering all tools that every traders and crypto investors need everyday the most.
  • Vision: We envision that the progressive tokenization of all assets (Stocks, derivatives, real estates, NFT…) will progressively create a shift from traditional financial markets to digital ones. Ultimately improving trust, security and efficiency in many ways.
  • Tokenomics and go to Market: The introduction of our TBC token, distributed through an innovative and decentralized DeFi smart contract (BCO) will create more awareness for the platform ahead of launch besides boosting up the marketing strategy. In addition, we give utility to the token by airdropping TBC monthly to our active traders (cashback).
  • Business model: Besides a particular focus toward an exceptional user experience for a reasonable subscription cost (SAAS), the strategy leverages the token to boost up monthly trading volumes on TradingBull. Trading Volumes being one of our main KPIs as it will lead us to achieve a progressive shift towards a B2B2C model, expected to be more sustainable and profitable.

We are now looking towards the next coming months with an ambitious Roadmap and still remains confident in both the nascent industry and our ability to build further and deliver a product of quality.

More info:


Pitch Deck / Whitepaper / Tokenomics

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