Blockchains 101: EOS

EOS logo

Description, the private company registered in the Cayman Island and operating the protocol first released a whitepaper in 2017 followed by the open source software in June 2018.

Smart contracts

On EOS, smart contract is a software that runs on the EOSIS nodes synchronized with the blockchain and can perform actions if the necessary resources (RAM, CPU, and Bandwidth) allocated are sufficient.


EOS is currently one of the most successful blockchain regarding dApps deployment due to the flexibility of the protocol and by being developer-friendly.

Storage and wallet:

EOS can be stored in several different wallets such as Scatter or Anchor.

Technical specificities:

  • Type: Native Coin
  • Total Supply: No hard Cap
  • Subunit: mEOS, nEOS
  • Consensus: Delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS)
  • Encryption: secp256k1 / AES
  • Privacy: Pseudonymous (Low)
  • Blocktime: 0.5 seconds
  • Coding languages: C++, C#, WASM
  • Open source: Yes
  • Current version: EOSIO v2.0.3 (Dawn 1.0)
  • Previous version: EOSIO v1.8.12




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