Blockchains 101: Cardano

Sleeping Giant


Cardano was released in 2017 by the Blockchain development firm Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) Founded by Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood.

Cardano’s logo


The platform relies on a layered structure with a (Cardano) Settlement Layer (CSL), (Cardano) computation Layer (CCL) and additionally the integration of Sidechains and cross-chain transactions (KMZ Framework).

The Cardano Foundation is the supervisory and educational entity of Cardano in charge of protecting, maintaining and promoting the network as well as keeping track of the regulatory environment and maintaining the community.

Smart contracts

Cardano’s daedalus official wallet logo

Storage and wallets

Technical specificities:

  • Type: Native Coin
  • Total Supply: 45,000,000,000
  • Subunit: NA
  • Consensus: Proof of Stake (PoS)
  • algorithm: Ouroboros
  • Encryption: HMAC-SHA512
  • Privacy: Pseudonymous (Low)
  • Blocktime: 10 minutes
  • Coding languages: Haskell, Plutus
  • Open source: Yes
  • Current version: Shelley
  • Past version: Byron
  • Next version: Goguen


Telegram community:

Twitter: @_Digital_Assets



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